Rails and Roads: Pushing for Reform to Solve Critical Issues

“No candidate has done more to help commuters than Tony Hwang,” said Jim Cameron, founder of Commuter Action Group.

I don’t take that statement lightly.

Our rail commuers are being seriously impacted by Metro-North safety, quality and efficiency issues. Yet fares keep going up. And all commuters are being negatively affected by traffic concerns and poor maintenance of our state roads.

On behalf of the over 100,000 residents I represent in Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Westport and Weston, I am, and have been, speaking out in order to put a stop to the State of Connecticut and Metro-North’s attempt to reach deeper into commuters’ pockets.

Through emails and phone calls, at train station meet and greets in July and again in October and in the countless conversations I’ve had with members of our community, I keep hearing the same thing over and over. The transportation issues we are experiencing are critical. They are affecting our quality of life, our jobs and our economy.

In 2015 I submitted a bill to the Transportation Committee calling for new bids or contract re-negotiations with Metro-North Railroad. I’ve stood against Governor Malloy’s 5% fare increase. I’ve proposed a transportation lock-box to ensure all taxes and fees collected from motorists and mass transit users are used only for transportation projects. And, I’ve supported the Prioritize Progress plan to invest nearly $70 billion in our transportation infrastructure over the next 30 years without any border tolls or new mileage taxes. And I will continue to push for reforms that improve safety, quality and efficiency.

One of the most important investments our state can make is in transportation infrastructure. Traffic concerns are keeping people from moving here and are driving others away. There is a direct connection to our state’s economy.

I offer my strongest support to continue being part of the vision and solution moving forward. We simply must do a better job with our rails and our roads.

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